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Techno Economic Viability Study (TEV) and Detailed Project Report (DPR)!

A Techno Economic Viability Study (TEV) is a comprehensive analysis conducted to assess the feasibility of a project from both technical and economic perspectives. It involves evaluating the technical aspects of the project, such as technology selection, engineering requirements, and operational considerations, alongside the economic factors, including cost analysis, revenue projections, and financial viability.

A Detailed Project Report (DPR) is a comprehensive document that provides an in-depth analysis of various aspects of a proposed project. The DPR includes detailed information about the project, its objectives, scope, technical specifications, financial projections, implementation timeline, resource requirements, risk assessment, and mitigation strategies. It provides a clear understanding of the project’s execution plan, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions regarding investment, resource allocation, and risk management.

Key Points Of TEV / DPR

What we Offer

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Our experts identify potential risks associated with the project and develop comprehensive risk assessment reports. We also provide mitigation strategies to address and minimize these risks.

Sensitivity Analysis

Our team conducts sensitivity analysis to evaluate the project's sensitivity to changes in key parameters. This helps in identifying critical factors that may impact the project's financial viability.

Financial Analysis

Our team prepares a detailed financial analysis, including cost estimates, funding sources, revenue forecasts, profitability analysis, financial projections, and financial viability indicators.

Legal and Regulatory Considerations

We analyze the legal and regulatory requirements that need to be fulfilled during project implementation and provide guidance on compliance.


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The purpose of a TEV is to assess the technical and economic feasibility of a project. It evaluates the project’s technical aspects, financial viability, market potential, and risk factors to determine whether the project is viable and worth pursuing.

The key components of a DPR include project description, technical specifications, implementation plan, financial analysis, risk assessment, social and environmental impact assessment, and regulatory considerations. These components provide a comprehensive roadmap for project implementation.

While a Business Plan focuses on the commercial and operational aspects of a project, a DPR delves deeper into the technical, financial, and implementation aspects. A DPR provides a more detailed and comprehensive analysis of the project’s feasibility, including technical specifications, risk assessment, and financial projections.

The DPR benefits various stakeholders involved in the project, such as project developers, investors, financial institutions, regulatory authorities, and government agencies. It helps stakeholders make informed decisions, secure funding, obtain approvals, and ensure successful project implementation.

Yes, a TEV can be conducted for existing projects to assess their current technical and economic viability, identify potential improvements, and evaluate expansion opportunities. It helps stakeholders make informed decisions regarding the project’s future.

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